The Concept Dentistry Promise

We cannot promise that you’ll love the dentist, but we can promise that you’ll love the Concept Dentistry difference: we will be your partner to show you your best smile.

 1. You will get the latest and the greatest…

dentistry has to offer. So much has changed with dentistry in the last 15 years; this isn’t your parents’ dentistry anymore. Our dentists are dedicated to a lifetime of continued learning, professional growth and providing the best patient care modern dentistry can offer. Through technology we are able to treat you quicker with better results than ever before.

2. Buy one, get more free.

At Concept Dentistry, with our team approach, you not only get one dentist, but the expertise of all our dentists on your case. We subscribe by the motto: “The more, the merrier!” More options, more discussion, the more educated you become. Under the care of our dental team, we make sure you are getting the best care possible.

3. Your success is our success.

We aren’t here to lecture you. We are here to empower you. By choosing our office, you made the first step towards a healthy mouth. Let us help you continue to make the best choices by becoming our partner in your oral health to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

4. The best dentistry is no dentistry.

A good dental report makes us happy too! Preventive dentistry doesn’t just avoid unnecessary dental work. Regular visits to Concept Dentistry help maintain a healthy mouth which is part of a healthy body.

5. Your dental visit will be boring.

Dentistry can be scary when you don’t know what to expect. We will take the time to explain all your treatment options and make sure you feel comfortable every step along the way. The best surprise is no surprise when it comes to your dental treatment.

6. Do it right the first time.

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. We place importance on all steps of your dental care – from your exam to your final smile. Communication is key and thanks to the collaborative efforts of our doctors, the majority of your dental treatment can be done in one location. No bouncing from office to office. We make sure even the smallest detail isn’t lost on your journey to your best smile.